Tank relining or replacement

The solar storage tank is probably the most frequently neglected part of a standard solar hot water or thermal heating system. As recommended by most manufacturers, tanks — especially in commercial applications — should be inspected on a regular basis.

Commercial ASME tanks can generally be drained, flushed, cleaned, inspected and have a new gasket installed within one working day. Inspections can determine the condition of the existing lining.  Service may be recommended. Glass-lined line tanks, for instance, may require new anode rods. Slightly cracked concrete-lined vessels may require "grind, chip and touchup" with a skim coat of Pre-Krete tank lining formula. More severely worn linings such as those often found in phenolic or epoxy-lined tanks may require a complete "stripping and relining" with Pre-Krete.

Lining a water storage tank with Pre-Krete will extend its useful life dramatically. Environmental Solar is the Southern California distributor for Pre-Krete. Patterson-Kelley, an internationally recognized manufacturer of water heaters, warranties its factory-lined tanks for 20 years. Patterson-Kelley is a division of Harsco, Inc. Pocono Fabricators, a division of Patterson-Kelley, has been producing Pre-Krete (www.prekrete.com) for over 50 years. For a short history of water-tank lining here in the United States, see Boileau's history.

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Photo #1: Brand new ASME Solar storage tank being delivered to a job site by my 50' crane .  Photo #2: Solar
tank being moved into place by a fork lift.  Photo #3: A series of Solar hot water tanks. Photo #4: "Jaquin in action", ESDI employee cleaning the inside of an ASME storage tank. Photo #5: A clean tank lined with skim coat of Pre-Krete.

Photo #3

Photo #4

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When a  tank has been neglected too long and leakage is beyond repair, Environmental Solar can provide
replacement vessels.
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